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Diesel Darlins 2021 Bikini Calendar

Diesel Darlins 2021 Calendar     Advertisement Letter  Diesel Darlins is launching our 2021 Calendar. This beautiful, colorful calendar for Diesel Darlins will be distributed and sold to Truck Enthusiasts throughout the United States. This calendar will include some of the most Influential Women in the Truck Industry, such as Nikki Dunlap (@nikki_smg), Lacey Blair (@lacey_blair), Sophie Swaney (@spohieswaney), Allie Netterville (@chaos_allie), Stephanie Walker (@stvbarbie), Becca Freshley (@beccafreshley), Athena Amore (@athenalovesu), Chloe Yonker (@thecumminscowgirl), Kelsie Nichole (@kelsie_nichole711), Jordan Sutphin (@7.3_queen), Madeline Heater (@maddie_heater) and Mikaela Sulak (@dieseldarlin). Each calendar month will have a different woman and truck, with advertisement sections available. The Women in the calendar will be promoting and advertising this Calendar on their social media platforms which combined...

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